This site is compiled from a number of sources.

The primary sources are: Trevor Henshaw’s seminal work on Allied casualties now in its second edition.

The Official History, “THE WAR IN THE AIR, Being the Story of The part played in the Great War by the Royal Air Force”. Part 1 is available at, parts 2-6 are available on

Flight Magazine – Which contains contemporaneous newspaper reports and commentary as well as obituaries and death notifications. which covers all the air raids on Britain. – this contains Casualty Cards for the RFC, RNAS, and RAF. has histories for each squadron. – The First World War Aviation Society – Romanian Air Corps

Imperial War Museum

Some of the entries in particular in relation to individual pilots and their Aircraft, have involved specific research pushing public records such as Service Records, Aircraft Movement Cards, Fatality Records etc at The National Archives, casualty cards at the RAF Museum, and postings and promotions from the London Gazette.

I am not ashamed to admit that I have not been able to examine all the records individually, but owe a great debt to Graham at who has taken on the laborious task of transcribing the official records and posted the results on his website for all to use. As he himself points out there remain many errors, due to both the original compilers and subsequent transcription errors by TNA staff, but it is an invaluable starting point.

I will keep adding sources as the blog continues.


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