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15 July 1917 – Empress attacks

Yesterday the seaplane carrier HMS Empress sailed from Port Said in Egypt to Karatash Burnu near the south-east coast of Turkey in preparation for bombing raids on cotton factories and crops in the nearby city of Adana.
This morning at 0457 the first Short 184 (8018) took off and by 0509 the other three (8004, 8019 and 8020 were in the air. All four pilots reported hits on the factories though it was impossible to accurately gauge if any damage had been done.

All four aircraft got back safely and by 0655 they had been hauled in and the Empress set off back to Port Said.


22 May 1916 – Port Said revenge

The ground campaign in Egypt has halted due to the summer heat, but air operations have continued.

A German squadron, operating mainly from an aerodrome at El Arish, has increased its operations in the area and the British have had to respond.

The Germans have been bombing Port Said and in reply the British attacked El Arish with help from the Ben-my-Chree which is now in the area. A seaplane took off and corrected fire from the Monitors M15 and M23 by wireless.

At the same time, six Royal Flying Corps aeroplanes from 14 Squadron, flew to El Arish at 6 a.m. to bomb the camps and to fight any enemy pilots. The aeroplanes found no enemy aircraft but dropped their bombs anyway hitting the camp and a marching column of about 1,000 men.

Port Said was bombed by German pilots on the night of 21 May and, in reply, four B.E.2c aeroplanes attacked five enemy camps with forty 20lb. bombs today.