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9 May 1917 – Voss Treble

Sopwith Strutters from 45 Squadron RFC were out on patrol today as the activity in the air ramped up again after yesterday. A 5 strong flight was met by aircraft from Jasta 28 near Menin. 2nd Lieutenant James Johnstone & 2nd Class Air Mechanic George B Harries claimed an Albatros Scout but no losses were confirmed by the Germans.

During the same action, 2nd Lieutenant William Longley Mills and 2nd Class Air Mechanic J W Loughlin in Sopwith Strutter 7803 were shot down by Leutnant Emil Schaefer. Mills was killed in the crash. Loughlin was apparently thrown out of the aircraft but survived wounded. He was taken prisoner.

Captain Lawrence William McArthur MC & Lieutenant Joseph Senior were also attacked in Sopwith Strutter A8226. During the fight they appeared to have driven down one of their attackers, but Senior was badly wounded in the stomach and had his hand partially severed. McArthur put the Strutter into a spin and returned to Baillieu aerodrome. Senior later died of his wounds. The victory was claimed by Vitzfeldwebel Witterkind from Jasta 28 but this was not confirmed.

On the other side of things, Werner Voss from Jasta 2 had a good day. First he shot down Lieutenant Rowland Humphrey Coles and 2nd Lieutenant John Charles Day from 52 Squadron RFC in their BE2e (72090. Both were killed. An hour later he shot down Lieutenant George Copland Temple Hadrill from 54 Squadron in Sopwith Pup A6174. He was taken prisoner. Then alomost immediarely he forced down 2nd Lieutenant Charles Arthur MacKenzie Furlonger and 2nd Lieutenant Charles William Lane from 22 Squadron RFC in FE2b 4991. They crash landed and were taken prisoner.