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4 March 1917 – All noisy on the Western Front

After a quiet day yesterday, there was a significant amount of action in the air today.

1 Squadron RFC claimed three enemy two seaters. Lieutenant Christopher Joseph Quintin Brand and Lieutenant Victor George Anderson Bush, shot down Roland C which crashed near Boesinghe – Wytschaete at 12:35. Leutnant Ernst-Albrecht Freiherr von Ompteda was taken prisoner and his observer Lieutenant Erwin Breuninger was killed. Later Lieutenant Edwin Stuart Travis Cole shot down an LVG C which crashed north of Ypres. The crew, Vitzfeldwebel Denneke and Leutnant Rockel were taken prisoner. Finally Lieutenant Tom Falcon Hazell shot down another LVG C out of control near Westhoek. Vitzfeldwebel Gotthard Waldschmitt and Leutnant Waldemar von Gartzen, were both killed. It is Hazell’s first victory.

James Percy White

James Percy White

3 Naval Squadron also got into a fight with Jasta 1 and suffered its first casualties. Flight Sub-Lieutenant James Percy White was shot down in Sopwith Pup N6165 by Oberleutnant Hans Kummetz. Flight Sub-Lieutenant Leslie Arthur Powell was seriously wounded when his Sopwith Pup N6166 was shot up. He later died of his wounds. Finally, Flight Sub-Lieutenant Harry Redmond Wambolt was shot down and killed in his Sopwith Pup N6170 by Leutnant Herbert Schröder.


Harry Redmond Wambolt

In return, Flight Lieutenant Raymond Collishaw, Flight Sub-Lieutenant Leonard Henry Rochford, Flight Commander Theophilus Chater Vernon, Flight Sub-Lieutenant John Joseph Malone, Flight Sub-Lieutenant Harold Edwards and G/L P O Walker, and Flight Sub-Lieutenant Horace Ernest Philip Wigglesworth, claimed enemy aircraft shot down. British pilots with other squadrons made a further six claims Including Max Bohme, from Jasta 5 who was taken prisoner with his aircraft, an Albatross DII captured intact.


Boehme’s Albatross DII

Other RFC casualties today were Lieutenant Beresford Winnington Hill and 2nd Lieutenant William Harms from 59 Squadron who were carrying out aerial photography in their RE8 (A4163) when they were shot down and killed by Leutnant Renatus Theiller from Jasta 5. Thellier also shot down Lieutenant Herbert Lambourne & Private Joseph Collinson from 18 Squadron in their FE2b (A789), They crash landed behind the British lines and both were wounded.

william harms

William Harms

Captain Alan Lees from 54 Squadron RFC was shot down in Sopwith Pup (A633) by Leutnant Georg Schlenker from Jasta 3. He was taken prisoner.

2nd Lieutenant George Pollard Kay and 2nd Lieutenant Walter Willox Steuart from 46 Squadron RFC crashed their Nieuport 20 (A285). Kay was wounded and Steuart was killed.


Herbert John Green

43 Squadron and Jasta 11 got into a tangle, 2nd Lieutenant Herbert John Green and 2nd Lieutenant Alexander William Reid MC from) 43 Squadron RFC were attacked by three enemy aircraft in their Sopwith Strutter (A1108). Both men were killed. Manfred von Richthofen claimed the victory. Their colleagues 2nd Lieutenant Philip Lovel Wood and 2nd Lieutenant Alan Hughes Fenton  were attacked by five enemy aircraft in their Sopwith Strutter (A1109). They were shot down and killed. Leutnant Karl Schaeffer, claimed the victory.

reginald james moody

Reginald James Moody

Flight Sergeant Reginald James Moody and 2nd Lieutenant Edmund Eric Horn from 8 Squadron were shot down in flames in their BE2d (6252) and killed by Leutnant Werner Voss from Jasta 2.