8 July 1917 – Shot up on the ground

Out on the Macedonian there has been little military activity on the ground since the end of May 1917. However, 17 and 47 Squadrons RFC have continued to carry out almost daily bombing attacks in formations of seven or eight aeroplanes on Drama, Angista, and Porna stations on the Constantinople railway; camps at Tushchulu north-east of Lake Butkovo, and the Bulgarian Second Army head-quarters at Sveti Vrac beyond the Rupel pass ; Dedeli, the head-quarters of the Bulgarian First Army; depots at Petric, in the valley of the Strumica, and at Cerniste, Platanenwald, and Cestovo in the Dojran area; and the aerodromes at Drama, Livunovo, Gereviz, and Hudova.

A large number of these missions have been completely unopposed by enemy aircraft, but today enemy aircraft were up.

Captain John Emile Alexander O’Dwyer from 17 Squadron was on a bombing mission near Petrich when he attacked by by two Roland D.IIIs in his BE2e. His engine was hit and he was forced down in enemy territory.

When trying to burn his aircraft, as was usual practice at the time, he later claimed that he was fired on by the enemy aircraft which at the time would have been considered pretty out of the ordinary. In the end however, in was uninjured and taken prisoner.

2nd Lieutenant Howard Charles Brufton from 47 Squadron was was flying solo in a DH4 when he was attacked by an enemy aircraft. THe DH4 was seen to break up in the air and crash killing Brufton.


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