30 June 1917 – Seaplane defence


Ronnie Graham

The Seaplane Defence Flight was formed at St Pol, near Dunkirk, today. The unit came about as a result of continuous attacks by German fighters on the seaplanes at Dunkirk. The Admiralty decided in early June that seaplanes should be phased out of this base and concentrated at Dover.

In the event the seaplanes remained at Dunkirk for some time. As they were unable to counter the enemy, the new Defence Flight was equipped with land aircraft fitted with flotation gear. The first machines used were Sopwith Pups but these were replaced in September by Sopwith Camels.


Leonard Horatio Slatter


John Edmund Greene

As a result four pilots from Dunkirk have formed the initial flight. Flight Lieutenant Ronnie Graham is in command. Also present are Flight Sub-Lieutenants Leonard Horatio Slatter and John Edmund Greene.


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