23 June 1917 – Joint success in Palestine

Out in Palestine, both the RNAS and RFC continue to harass the enemy.

Back in April 1917, agents reported that the Turks have accumulated large quantities of stores at Tul Karm.

Today, around 0500′ the RNAS and RFC carried out a joint operation to attack these stores. Owing to a shortage of seaplanes, the raid could not be made until today.

Three RNAS Shorts from the HMS Empress will bomb Tul Karm while seven RFC aircraft carry out a diversionary attack on the German aerodrome at Er Ramie. One of the difficulties is that the Empress had to make her rendezvous off a comparatively unknown coast, while the Royal Flying Corps aeroplanes had a long journey across Palestine to their objective. Everything, however, passed as planned and the naval bombing of Tul Karm coincided with the Royal Flying Corps attack on the Ramie aero- drome.

The three Shorts dropped six 65-lb. and sixteen i6-lb. bombs. Two of the 65-lb . bombs fell in the station buildings and the others nearby.

The RFC dropped 73 bombs of 20-lb. or i6-lb. weight, some of which were seen to fall on the aerodrome.


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