21 June 1917 – 56 Sent home

Such is the furore surrounding the recent German air raids that the public have been demanding action. Today the Government bowed to public pressure. Against the wishes of the Commander of the British Expeditionary Force, Sir Douglas Haig, and the Commander of the RFC Hugh Trenchard, 56 Squadron RFC have been recalled to the United Kingdom to carry out Home Defence Work.

At the time this was a very big deal. Despite it being against the RFC’s policy to publicise individual aces or to group ace pilots together in elite squadrons, 56 Squadron was as considered one of the elite units in the RFC.

The Squadron moved to Bekesbourne today. After 10 days of no further raids by the enemy, the Squadron returned to its base at Estrée-Blanche. Two days after their departure, the German raids recommenced.


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