8 June 1917 – Collision


Archibald Vincent Shirley

Pilots at this time well aware that they were in just as much danger from their colleagues as the enemy, particularly once a dogfight broke out.

66 Squadron RFC were on patrol today around 1315 when they encountered Jasta 8. Both 2nd Lt Archibald Garden Robertson in Sopwith Pup A6207 and 2nd Lieutenant Archibald Vincent Shirley in Sopwith Pup B1745 were both killed. At the time it was believed that Shirley had collided with an enemy aircraft but it was later confirmed that the two Pups had collided with each other. Nevertheless, Oberleutnant Konrad Mettlich claimed them as his first two victories.

Other members of the patrol, Captain James Douglas Latta MC in Sopwith Pup B1726 and Lieutenant Arthur Burrell Thorne in Sopwith Pup A6181 were both badly shot about but escaped.


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