23 May 1917 – Back to normal

18 Squadron RFC were escorted by 3 Naval Squadron on a photo reconnaissance mission at around 1300.


Giles Noble Blennerhasset

They were attacked by seven aircraft from Jasta 5. 2nd Lieutenant David Marshall and 2nd Lieutenant Giles Noble Blennerhasset (in FE2b 7003) from 18 Squadron and Flight Sub-Lieutenant William Edward Orchard from 3 Naval Squadron claimed an Albatros Scout crashed east of Eswars.

On the other foot, 2nd Lieutenant Wilfred Ferguson MacDonald and Lieutenant Frank Charles Shackell from 18 Squadron were shot down in their FE2b A5502 by Leutnant Werner Voss. They crashed in trenches and were both killed.

3 Naval Squadron pilots also made three further claims – Flight Sub-Lieutenant James Alpheus Glen, Flight Commander Lloyd Samuel Breadner, and Flight Sub-Lieutenant Joseph Stewart Temple Fall.

This was Giles Blennerhasset’s last victory as he went off to train as a pilot and spent the rest of the war on home defence duty. His log book is available to view at http://www.europeana1914-1918.eu/el/contributions/3348#prettyPhoto.


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