21 May 1917 – A slow day

There was not much action on the British sector of the Western Front today.


Eberhardt Mohnicke

A patrol of four FE2ds from 24 Squadron were out on a photography mission over La Bassée around 1600. One of the aircraft A6447, with 2nd Lieutenant John Fenwick Walker Blackall and 2nd Lieutenant Beverley Charles Moody on board fell behind the others with a poor running engine. As was becoming a common tactic at this point, a four strong patrol from Jasta 11 attacked the lone aircraft and shot it down with Leutnant Eberhardt Mohnicke, John Fenwick Walker Blackallwho had only joined on 18 May, claiming the victory. Blackall and Moody crashed and were taken prisoner.


James Hubert Ronald Green

About 20 minutes later the remaining three aircraft were also attacked, but they stuck to their formation eventually driving off the four enemy aircraft. Sergeant James Hubert Ronald Green and Private H Else and Lieutenant Alexander Roulstone and Lieutenant Henry Cotton claimed to have driven down two enemy aircraft out of control, but the Germans reported no losses.


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