13 May 1917 – Richthofen down

Lothar von Richthofen from Jasta 11 was shot down today.

At around 1130 Lothar engaged 2nd Lieutenant F Thompson and Lieutenant Arthur Charles Champion Rawlins from 13 Squadron RFC in their BE2e (7130) and shot them down. They force landed near the front lines but escaped unharmed. The aircraft was subsequently destroyed by shellfire. Lothar was then hit by ground fire as he recrossed the lines and wounded in the leg. He crash landed and was out of action for five months. There was some compensation when he was awarded the Pour Le Mérite the next day.

Lieutenant Vernon Forster Stewart

Vernon Forster Stewart

The only combat casualties today were 2nd Lieutenant Vernon Forster Stewart and 2nd Lieutenant John Guthrie Troup from 16 Squadron who were shot down in their RE8 (A4245) whilst on artillery observation. Leutnant Karl Allmenroder also from Jasta 11 claimed victory.


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