11 May 1917 – Bristol F2b’s

Following the limited success of the Bristol F2a, an upgraded version called the F2b quickly followed with the 275hp Rolls Royce Falcon III engine. This could reach a maximum speed of 123 mph, 10 mph faster than the F.2A and was three minutes faster at reaching 10,000 feet.

48 Squadron RFC has begun to receive replacement F2b’s for its F2a’s. Today they suffered a bit of a battering. Around noon, there was a brief encounter with Jasta 11. Captain John Herbert Towne Letts and 2nd Lieutenant James Bruce Jameson (A7104) and 2nd Lieutenant H Smithers and 2nd Class Air Mechanic Rutherford claimed to have driven an Albatros Scout out of control. In return Letts was wounded in the combat but returned home.

Later in the day ther was another encounter between the two squadrons, which Jasta 11 got the better of. 8 aircraft from 48 Squadron were escorting 59 Squadron when they got split up. 4 of them were then attacked by 8 enemy aircraft according to one of the survivors.


William Winkler

Lieutenant Frank H Holliday and Captain Anthony Herbert William Wall, claimed to have destroyed one and drove down a second out of control. This was as good as it got as Lieutenant William Otto Brash Winkler and 2nd Lieutenant Ernest Stanley Moore (A7111) were shot down in flames by Lothar von Richthofen. Both were taken prisoner. Captain Arthur Tulloch Cull (and 1st Class Air Mechanic Arthur Trusson A7101) were shot down and killed by Leutnant Wilhelm Allmenroder. Finally, 2nd Lieutenant James Alexander Weatherhead Binnie and 2nd Lieutenant Fred Morris Magenais (A3347) were also shot up, wounding Magenais.


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