10 May 1917 – Disappeared

Earlier in the year, Lieutenant-General Milne’s had made a request for assistance from the Royal Naval Air Service in the Mediterranean, Vice-Admiral Sir Cecil Fiennes Thursby, Commander of the Eastern Mediterranean Squadron, had subsequently given instructions for the organization of a special bombing squadron for service in Macedonia.


Joseph Ruscombe Wadham Smyth-Pigott

This squadron, called ‘F’ Squadron, had arrived at a previously selected aerodrome at Amberkoj on 29 April 1917. It was equipped with Sopwith Strutters, and commanded by Squadron Commander Joseph Ruscombe Wadham Smyth-Pigott.

The Squadron has been employed on a counter-bombing offensive against the German Bomber Squadron – Kampfgeschwader 1. For the last week bombing attacks have been made daily on the dumps, camps and aerodromes behind the Dojran front. During an attack on the aerodrome at Hudova today, observers spotted that the sheds and hangars which had been erected by the, together with the special train in the aerodrome siding, had disappeared, and it was concluded that the enemy bombers had left for some other front.

A few months later they turned up on the Western Front in Belgium.


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