8 May 1917 – Soft Strutters

Flying was curtailed today due to poor weather.

There were no casualties from enemy aircraft today, although 2nd Lieutenant HR Parry From 40 Squadron RFC was forced to land his Nieuport Scout (B1541) after the petrol tank was holed from the ground. 2nd Lieutenant William Thomas Walder also from 40 Squadron bodged a landing, coming down on one wheel and then putting another Nieuport Scout (A6785) on its nose.

A variety of other mishaps wrecked three Sopwith Strutters. 2nd Lieutenant Charles Henry Harriman and 2nd Lieutenant William Stuart Cattell from 43 Squadron crashed 8232 on landing from gun practice. Sergeant G Skinner and 2nd Class Air Mechanic A Giles from 70 Squadron also crashed 8211 following an engine failure on a reconnaissance mission. Lieutenant John Ross Robertson from 66 Squadron overturned A6154 when he made a forced landing on soft ground following an offensive patrol.

Luckily none of these crewmen were hurt.


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