6 May 1917 – Lander

Since the fall of Baghdad on 24 April, the British have been consolidating their position in preparation for the summer when campaigning will be all but impossible.

Two flights of 30 Squadron are now concentrated at Baghdad and they will spend the next few months on reconnaissance of the Turkish positions and the territory over which the offensive will be fought – mostly early in the morning and early evening to minimise the stress on crews and machinery.

Today,  Lieutenant Lionel Skinner in BE2c 4191 and Lieutenant Tom (Thomas Eaton) Lander in Martinsyde 7466 were atracked by a Halberstadt flown by Feldwebel Johannes Pommerich.

Lander was shot down, wounded and taken prisoner. His aircraft was captured more or less intact and subsequently used by the Turks. It was recaptured in November 1917.


Martinsyde 7466 after being recaptured

Lander survived the war and later became active in the British gliding movement. He was killed in a gliding accident in April 1933.


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