1 May 1917 – 18 and 8

C Flight from 8 Naval Squadron left this morning to escort an 18 Squadron mission. Near Izel, 18 Squadron’s FE’s were threatened by 5 enemy scouts but these were chased off by two of the flight, Flight Lieutenant Charles Dawson Booker and Flight Sub-Lieutenant Edward Duncan Crundall.


Donald Mitchell Shields

Following this, Flight Sub-Lieutenant Donald Mitchell Shields in Sopwith Triplane N5434 found himself alone and attacked a enemy two seater. He was then in turn attacked by seven enemy aircraft from Jasta 4. After a 15 minute fight his controls were shot away by Oberleutnant Kurt-Bertram von Döring. Shields crashed in no-mans-land near Vimy breaking his leg and dislocating shoulder. His aircraft was shelled and he hid in a shell hole until rescued the next morning.


Edmund Daniel Roach

Also lost during the fight was Flt Sub-Lieutenant Edmund Daniel Roach In Sopwith Triplane N5474. Kurt Wolff from Jasta 11 claimed the victory.

18 Squadron escorted by the remainder of 8 Naval Squadron fought their way back to the lines. Three crews claimed to have driven down enemy aircraft:

  • Lieutenant Charles Gerschel Shaumer and Lieutenant Frank Charles Shackell
  • Lieutenant Charles Parkinson and Lieutenant John Trafford Anglin
  • 2nd Lieutenant Albert Critchley and 2nd Class Air Mechanic W G Jones

Another aircraft was also claimed by Flight Sub-Lieutenant Joseph Stewart Temple Fall from 8 Naval Squadron and 2nd Lieutenant Marcus Michael Kaizer and Sergeant F Russell from 18 Squadron.


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