26 April 1916 – Bloody Paralysed

7 Naval Squadron has been based at Dunkirk since March 1917 and has been gradually building up tis force of Handley Page 0/100s and Short Bombers for bombing missions over German territory.

Today one of their Handley Page 0/100s (3115) was attacked on its way to a bombing mission by Vizeflumeister Muller of Seeflug 2 flying a Rumpler 6B1 (1037). Muller ruptured the 0/100s petrol tanks and the pilot Flight-Lieutenant Sub-Lieutenant Thomas Samuel Stanley Hood then attempted to fly his crippled aircraft towards land at Nieuport, but was eventually forced to ditch in the sea nearly two miles offshore, where it was immediately shelled by enemy shore batteries. Hood was killed in the crash.

Two nearby French seaplanes took off and one rescued 1st Class Air Mechanic F C Kirby. Another was downed by flak trying to rescue Gun Layer Richard Henry Watson and 2nd Class Air Mechanic William Charles Danzey. Watson and Hood were subsequently taken prisoner as were the French crew Morand de Jouffrey and Mat Bois. Watson died shortly afterwards of his injuries. Danzey died later in captivity.


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