11 April 1917 – 48 Squadron mauled again


Robert Edward Adeney

48 Squadron and their Bristol F2a’s were again in the action when a four strong patrol attacked 4 aircraft from Jasta 11. Those involved were:

Captain David Mary Tidmarsh and 2nd Lieutenant Cator Barclay Holland (A3338)

2nd Lieutenant Robert Edward Adeney and 2nd Lieutenant Leslie Graham Lovell (A3318)

2nd Lieutenant Alan Insell Riley and 2nd Lieutenant Leonard George Hall

2nd Lieutenant George Norman Brockhurst and 2nd Lieutenant Cecil Blockley Boughton (A3323)

In the ensuing fight two enemy aircraft were seen to be brought down by anti-aircraft batteries below, while the other two flew off. At this point Riley and Hall flew off for home apparently having misunderstood a signal from the other aircraft. Then a further four enemy aircraft from Jasta 11 arrived and the three remaining aircraft were shot down. Tidmarsh and Holland were claimed by Leutnant Kurt Wolff, and Brockhurt and Broughton by Leutnant Lothar von Richthofen. Both landed under control in enemy territory and the crews were taken prisoner. Adeney and Lovell were not so lucky as they crashed and were killed after being shot down by Karl Shaeffer.


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