8 April 1917 – Disappointing DH4


Frank Reginald Henry

After the inauspicious debut of the Bristol F2a’s on April, another new aircraft failed to live up to its promise today. 55 Squadron are equipped with the new DH4 two seater, which it is hoped will be a significant improvement on the various BE2s and pusher types.


Robert Archibald Logan

On the 8th of April the weather improved and the distant bombing was resumed. Aulnoye engine sheds were attacked by six Martinsydes of No. 27 Squadron and an ammunition dump at Valenciennes by six D.H.4’s of No. 55 Squadron. An attempted attack on Crown Prince Rupprecht’s head-quarters near Mons by four D.H.4’s of No. 55 Squadron, met with disaster. Two of the de Havillands were shot down on the way back from their objective. Lieutenant Robert Archibald Logan and Lieutenant Frederick Reginald Henry were shot down and captured in DH4 (A2140).by Leutnant K Schaeffer from Jasta 11. Henry was badly wounded but survived. Lieutenant Bernard Evans and 2nd Lieutenant Basil Walwyn White were shot down and killed near B in DH4 (A2141) by Leutnant Kurt Wolff.


Henry and Logan shortly after being shot down


Alfred John Hamar

Lieutenant Alfred John Hamar and 2nd Lieutenant John Adrian Myburgh were both wounded when their DH4 (A2160) was hit by AA fire and crashed. Both subsequently died of their wounds.

As with the Bristol F2s, the DH4 went on to have a distinguished career despite its poor start. The only real criticism was the distance between pilot and observer, clearly shown below.



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