2 April 1917 – 57 Varieties

This morning, 4 aircraft from 57 Squadron RFC were on patrol east of Arras when they were attacked by 8 aircraft from Jastas 2 and 11. After a short tussle lasting no more than 15 minutes, the scores were even at 2-2.

Lieutenant Edward Ernest Pope and Lt William Ramsey Nasmyth claimed shot down two enemy scouts – Leutnants Erich König and Hans Wortmann – both from Jasta 2. Both were killed.

In the confusion, two aircraft broke for the lines and fought their way back. The other two were harried by Jasta 11 and eventually shot down. First, Vitzfeldwebel Sebestian Festner shot down Lieutenant Hubert Pelham Sworder and 2nd Lieutenant Alfred Henry Margoliouth in FE2d A1944. Both men were killed.

Then, Captain Hugh Tomlinson MC and Captain Norman Carlton Denison In FE2d A5151 were shot down by Leutnant Constantin Kref. Tomlinson was badly wounded in the crash and died later. Denison was luckier and escaped with minor injuries at the cost of bring taken prisoner.

Also killed today were:

2nd Lieutenant Patrick Alfred Russell from 22 Squadron in FE2b 6953 who was shot down by Edmund Nathanael from jasta 5. His observer Lieutenant Henry Loveland was taken prisoner.

2nd Lieutenant Vaughan Floyer Williams from 60 Squadron in Nieuport 23 A6763 – claimed by Leutnant Fritz Otto Bernert from Jasta 2.

Lieutenant P J G Powell and 1st Class Air Mechanic P Bonner from 13 Sqn. Their BE2 was found crashed into a barn with both crew killed. Manfred von Richthofen from Jasta 11 claimed this victory but ut seems very unlikely that this is the case.

Finally 2nd Lieutenant Albert Porter Warren was taken prisoner and Sergeant R Dunn was killed when their 43 Squadron Sopwith Strutter was brought down also by Manfred von Richthofen.



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