31 March 1917 – Canadian training expanded

Today, the Director of Air Organization, , wrote to Lieutenant-Colonel Hoare about the expansion of the training operation in Canada:

‘I should like you now to push on as far as possible, and in keeping with the progress of your recruiting, equipment, and building, with a complete system of training identical, except for local adaptation, with that obtaining at home, i.e.

a) A Cadet Wing on the lines of the Royal Flying ‘Corps Cadet Wing at Denham.
b) A School of Military Aeronautics on the lines of Oxford

In fact much of the work to put this inplace was already in train. Nine nucleus flights had arrived from England duriong march, and five of these are currently training at a base at Deseronto. The other four are waiting for the contruction of their base to be completed.

Back on 21 March Hoare had also agreed, in view of the demands for manpower at the Front to forgo the remaining nucleus squadrons and make up the balance from local recruits.

At that time, Hoare had also agreed to take on the “whole Training Brigade system of tests, gunnery, photography, aerial observation, etc., “ and arrangements for instructors, equipment, and full training schedules to be sent out from England have already been put in place.


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