31 March 1917 – 60 Squadron success

Early this morning, 6 aircraft from 60 Squadron RFC escorted a photo reconnaissance mission by 11 Squadron RFC. The new 60 Squadron Commander Major Alan John Lance (Jack) Scott (appointed 10 March 1917) was also up. The FE2bs from 11 Squadron were then attacked by 6 aircraft from Jasta 11 when over the German side of the lines.


Leslie Arthur Trew Strange

Leutnant Kurt Wolff attacked the rear FE2b (7691) of Lieutenant Leslie Arthur Trew Strange and 2nd Lieutenant William Gerard Talbot Clifton hitting Clifton, the engine and tanks. Strange was able to force land the aircraft near Gavrelle and was taken prisoner. Clifton was killed.

Following this 4 aircraft of 60 Squadron dived in to assist. Major Scott assisted by Captain Charles Thomas Black shot down an Albatros Scout despite his gun jamming.


William Molesworth

The last two aircraft piloted by Lieutenant William Avery (Billy) Bishop (Nieuport 23 A6769) and 2nd Lieutenant Lawrence Hastings Leckie, then joined the fray. Bishop joined an attack with Lieutenant Ernest John Dennis Townesend (Nieuport 17 A6693) and shot down another Albatross for his second victory.

About half an hour later, Lieutenants Alan Binnie and William Earle Molesworth, the remaining 60 Squadron pilots, also claimed to have forced down 2 more Albatrosses.


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