14 March 1917 – ‘God save the King.’

Three days ago, British forces finally entered Baghdad, and for the last few days have been mopping up retreating Turkish forces int he area. 30 Squadron RFC have been flying reconnaissance, tracking the retreating turks for the last few days and today

30 Squadron flew over Mushahida station to the North and the air observers surveyed and sketched the enemy positions. The pilots landed at the I Corps headquarters,
and the air sketches and reports were sent forward immediately to the advanced guard.The British forces then advanced and the Station was captured by the end of the day ending any threat of counter-attack to retake Baghdad.

Back on 11 March, 30 Squadron flew to the former German aerodrome at Baghdad, where they found a wrecked Albatros aeroplane, and thirteen engines in fair conditions, six of them RFC engines which had been lost at Kut. On the Albatros was a painted message:

‘With kind regards to our British comrades : the German airmen’,

and on the fuselage had been written: ‘God save the King.’


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