12 March 1917 – Not so cushy

Most of the troops in the front line long for a nice cushy number back in England. THis probably goes for the pilots too, but cushy numbers back in England normally mean instructing new pilots and flying obsolete machines.

sub_lt_ronald_knightEven at this point in the war with high casualties at the front, flying and instructing is still a dangerous business. Flight Sub-Lieutenant Ronald Victor Knight RNAS was killed today in a flying accident at RNAS Hendon. It appears that he was up in the air about 1100 when at a height of 200 feet his engine stopped with the result that the machine nose-dived to earth and was wrecked. Death was instantaneous.

He had served in France with the 8th Battalion of the City of London Post Office Rifles. During six months’ service in France he fought in the battles of Festubert and Loos. He left France in November 1915 having been wounded and then served with the London Cyclist Corps before joining the RNAS.


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