11 March 1917 – More Tulo Tulo

Following the travails of Lieutenant George William Thomas Garrood and the crashes yesterday, 26 (South African) Squadron has really been having a trying time in German East Africa.

Today, Lieutenants Amyas Hanbury Bottrell and William Pringle Brown were finally found by native scouts after wandering around the bush for the last 10 days.

They had gone missing on 1 March when they failed to arrive at Tulo having flown from Morogogo. On 4 March their aeroplane was found 45 miles south-east of Tulo, but the officers were nowhere to be seen,

Searches from the air continued, and on 6 March they were discovered, having progressed about fifteen miles towards Tulo. As the search aircraft could not land, food and quinine and instructions about the route to be followed were dropped.

The officers then disappeared without trace until found today.


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