10 March 1917 – Tulo Tulo

The intense conditions in German East Africa continue to take their toll on 26 (South African) Squadron.

Today both 2nd Lieutenant Robert Baillie Lovemore and 2nd Lieutenant Graeme Fleming Blackburn crashed their BE2cs.

Blackburn flipped his BE2c (4410) trying to land at Tulo. The aircraft was damaged but not beyond repair. Blackburn was basically uninjured.

Lovemore crashed his BE2c (4491) into thick bush following a forced landing near Tulo.


This may or not be Lovemore’s BE2c. It is equally likely it is that of Lieutenant Leo (Lionel) Walmsey who crashed in the bush later in September 1917. These photos were taken by Captain Henry Courtney Brocklehurst and show the difficulty of identifying aircraft in this theatre as they were frequently redoped and numbers and national markings left off as the small number of aircraft rendered marking unnecessary.


2 thoughts on “10 March 1917 – Tulo Tulo

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  2. Alan Weeks

    Hi, Just come across this photo which shows Capt. Courtney Brocklehurst’s own crash in GEA, not anyone else’s.. He took off from Iringa on 5 September 1917 and suffered engine failure and crashed. This is reported in the official war diary as well as his own diary and letters.
    I assume you found this photo on the Great War Forum which is where I posted it.
    Grateful for your acknowledgement in your list of references. Thanks.
    Alan Weeks
    Swythamley Historical Society



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