5 March 1917 – Medina

“C” Flight of 14 Squadron RFC  has been providing support to native forces in Palestine. Since they have based at Rabegh but this is too far from the enemy’s outposts. it was suggested that the Flight should be moved to Yenbo, and with this in view, the fight Commander Major Arthur Justin Ross left for Yenbo on 28 February to make the necessary arrangements for the change of base.

View of Medina

In the meantime various advanced landing grounds have been set up. One of these, situated in a small basin with hills surrounding it was used for a reconnaissance today over Medina by two of BE2cs. This is the first reconnaissance over the city.  The purpose of the mission was to carry out a reconnaissance of the Turkish dispositions and take photographs. No bombs were dropped on the area in deference to the city’s sacred associations.

Three enemy aeroplanes were also seen in the air over Medina, but they made no attempt to attack the British machines, nor did the British attempt to engage.



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