26 February 1917 – German bombers

Out on the Salonika Front this morning, the French aerodrome at Gorgop was bombed by 20 large bombers attacked. Such was the surprise, that little resistance was possible and eight French aeroplanes were destroyed and four were damaged.

In the afternoon the raiders appeared again,  this time heading to the railhead at Yanesh near which was situated the headquarters of the XII Corps and the main aerodrome of 47 Squadron RFC.

The British were a bit more alert because of the earlier attack, and as soon as the German formation was seen, pilots ran to their aeroplanes and were in the air.

Little material damage was done but 21 people were wounded including 8 mechanics and 2nd Lieutenant Edgar McMaster Howes at the aerodrome. 7 men were also killed. These were:

Air Mechanic Albert G Chalmers
Air Mechanic William Chambers
Air Mechanic George Clutterbuck
Corporal Edward Cecil de Pomeroy
Air Mechanic William Horace Parkinson
Flight-Sergeant Reginald John Cameron Tansley
Air Mechanic Robert Ward

The German squadron had come from Bucharest after a bombing campaign against Romania. It was a mobile unit with a railway train attached in which the offices and store are housed. It is equipped with AEG’s fitted with two 260hp Mercedes engines, Rumplers with two 150 horse-power Benz engines, and Friedrichshafeners with two 260hp Mercedes. There were also one Gotha bomber (two 260 h.p. Mercedes) and some single-seater Halberstadt fighters.

Albert G Chalmers, William Chambers, George Clutterbuck, Edward Cecil de Pomero, William Horace Parkinson, Reginald John Cameron Tansley, Robert Ward




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