17 February 1917 -More deaths

An artillery observation mission from 53 Squadron met with mixed results. 2nd Lieutenant David McConnell Kerr and 2nd Lieutenant Frederick Charles Elstob claimed to have shot down a Halberstadt out of control near Wytschaete shortly after midday, though this went unconfirmed. Their colleagues Frank William Harris Simpson and Sergeant Trumpeter Charles John Edlington were killed when their BE2c (6313) broke up in vertical nosedive after descending out of control from 9,000 feet near Nieppe. The cause is unknown.

Another BE2c (4179), this time from 16 Squadron RFC was also lost. 2nd Lt Ernest William Lindley and 2nd Lieutenant Leslie Vincent Munn 16 Squadron were out on a familiarisation mission when they strayed across the lines and were shot down by Leutnant Karl Allmenroder from Jasta 11 for his first victory. The aircraft apparently landed intact but Munn was already dead and Lindsey died later of his wounds.

Back in England, Hercules Ralph Langrishe from 13 Reserve Squadron was killed when his Avro 504 (A1995). He got into a stall and then the aircraft nose dived from only 100 feet and crashed. His aircraft then burst into flames.

In better news, Sergeant H G Smith & Lieutenant  John William Aldred from 5 Squadron shot down an Albatros Scout in flames near Hebuterne killing the pilot Leutnant Hans Gutermuth from Jasta 5.





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