13 February 1917 -Soldiering on

3 Squadron were the first RFC Squadron in France and have remained in an reconnaissance role for most of that time.

The advances in aircraft seem to have passed the Squadron by somewhat as they are soldiering on withe a selection of outdated aircraft which are completely outclassed by the latest German fighters.



Thomas Seaman Green

Lieutenant Thomas Seaman Green and 2nd Lieutenant William Kenric Carse were attacked form behind by Alfred Behling from Jasta 1. They were flying a Morane P Type (A266) – an aircraft designed back in 1914.

The aircraft broke in two and crashed into he ground near Le Transoy. Both men were killed.

A little later, Lieutenants Leslie Corbet Burcher and Eric Hubert Noel Stroud from 9 Squadron got a modicum of revenge when they shot down an Albatros Scout in their BE2d near Sailly-Saillisel. The pilot Leutnant Jürgen Georg von Carlowitz also from Jasta 1 was killed.


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