11 February 1917 – Flying Chariots

Towards the end of January 1917 ‘A’ Flight of 31 Squadron RFC was transferred from its base at Risalspur to Bannu for work with the Bannu and Derajat Brigades in North Waziristan and the adjacent province of Khost, where unrest amongst local tribesmen was rising.

‘A’ Flight returned to Risalspur today  after making a series of long ranging reconaissance flights over the area in their BE2cs.

The Squadron has not dropped any bombs or attacked any military targets. However, their mere existence appears to have put the fear into local tribesmen as the

Rumours that flying chariots existed had spread among the the tribesmen, but there were apparently few who believed. The arrival of ‘A’ Flight was therefore reported to have created a disturbing impression. After reconnaissances had been made over a wide area of Mahsud country the Flight returned to Risalpur on the i ith of February. At the end of the month, however, there came news that a Mahsud lashkar was on the move towards Sarwekai, a post garrisoned by South Waziristan Militia, and three aeroplanes were senttoTanktoinvestigate. Notlongaftertheirpresence


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