8 February 1917 – School of Technical Training (Men)

The changes to training of mechanics introduced in January 1917 did not last long and have now been superseded again. The requirement for mechanics to pass a preliminary course at Coley Park, Reading, has now been replaced by a requirement to complete training at one of the Polytechnic Schools, either at Regent Street (School of Preliminary Technical Training) or its branches, where they would receive eight weeks’ tuition in the use of tools and in bench work.

They will then be posted, as before, to the Scottish School of Fitters at Edinburgh, or to the Central Flying School at Upavon, for a further course of eight weeks, after which they would be posted to a unit as fully trained.

The administration of training has also been streamlined. Previously the schools at Edinburgh and at Upavon had been administered by the General Officer Commanding, Training Brigade, while the school at Coley Park came under the Commandant of the School of Military Aeronautics, Reading.

Today all three schools were amalgamated as the School of Technical Training (Men), Reading, which was placed directly under an Inspector of Technical Training in the department of the Director of Air Organization at the War Office. The inspector was also made generally responsible for the instruction of air mechanics at the
Polytechnic schools.




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