7 February 1917 – Home and abroad


Edward Eustace Erlebach

At the front, 2nd Lt Edward Eustace Erlebach and 2nd Class Air Mechanic Frederick J Ridgeway from 45 Squadron were on a photo reconnaissance mission in their Sopwith Strutter (7789) when they were attacked by 4 enemy aircraft. They went down rapidly in a in vertical nosedive and the wings folded before they crashed into the ground. Leutnant Konrad von Bülow-Bothkamp from Jasta claimed the victory. Both men were killed.


Cecil Richard Blagrove

Also killed were Flight Lieutenant Cecil Richard Blagrove 2nd Class Air Mechanic J Milne from 5 Naval Squadron were on patrol in their Sopwith Strutter (N5102) when they wer shot down by Vitzflugmeister Josef Wirtz. Both men were killed.


Eric Tony Farrow

This would have seemed like a relatively low casualty rate but for the accompanying losses at home. Captain Eric Tony Farrow, an instructor with 2 Reserve Squadron was carrying out a training flight with new trainee 2nd Lieutenant Marcus Denham Draper in a Maurice Farman Shorthorn (A4102), when the plane crashed. The cause of the accident is unknown, but both were killed.

Also killed in training was 2nd Lieutenant Arthur Jackson whose Maurice Farman Shorthorn (A4141) was seen to sideslip from 200ft and nosedived into the ground. Pilot error was blamed for the crash.


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