6 February 1917 – 20 Squadron mauled again


Thomas Charles Harvey Lucas

After getting mauled by Jasta 8 on 1 February, the FE2ds of 20 Squadron RFC suffered another bad day today. They were accompanying a photo reconnaissance mission near Moorslede when 6 aircraft from Jasta 8 attacked them.

Lieutenant Thomas Charles Harvey Lucas and 2nd Lieutenant John Taylor Gibbon in FE2d A31 were shot down by Leutnant R Alfred Träger. They were seen flying low to the ground seemingly under control but crashed and were later found dead.

097211In the same combat, 2nd Lieutenant Michael Edmund Woods and Lt Edward Barry Maule in FE2d A38 were shot down by Obleutnant Rufolf Freiherr von Esebeck. Again they were seen landing under control and Woods was taken prisoner, but Maule was killed.

2nd Lieutenant Henry Lewis Pateman and 2nd Lieutenant Herbert John Davis were killed when their BE2e (7144) came down in between the lines south of Pendant Copse after being shot down by Vitzfeldwebel Paul Bona from Jasta 1.


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