3 February 1917 -Many ways to die

After the frantic activity of the last few days RFC losses were stemmed today.

Captain John Casely McMillan was from 4 Squadron severely wounded by AA fire while on an artillery observation patrol in a BE2e. He later died of his wounds.


Alexander Allan Gray

That said, this being wartime, it’s not just enemy action that is dangerous. 2nd Lieutenant Alexander Allan Gray from 42 Reserve Squadron was training on an RE8 (A71) at Hounslow when he overbanked on a second right hand turn. This resulted in a side-slip and then the aircraft nosedived from 700ft into the ground and burst into flames. Gray was killed.

Finally 2nd Class Air Mechanic Edward George Savage also died of illness today. He had been training at the Wireless Signalling School at Farnborough in Hampshire when he contracted measles and was rapidly admitted to a hospital near the RFC School. He was discharged on 20 January 1917 but shortly afterwards he was back in hospital with pneumonia and died today.


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