2 February 1917 -No surrender

32 Squadron and Jasta 5 got into a scrap over Puixieux. 32 Squadron pilots claimed 2 aircraft forced down. 2nd Lieutenant Harold Blythe was shot down in his DH2 (A2570) by Leutnant Hans Gutermuth. He was badly wounded but landed under control. He was taken prisoner but subsequently died of his wounds.


Thomas Gilford Holley

2nd Lieutenant Reginald Thomas Whitney and Lieutenant Thomas Gilford Holley from 23 Squadron were escorting a reconnaissance mission in their FE2b (7705) when they were attacked by Vitzfeldwebel Paul Bona. They fled for the lines but crashed in enemy territory. They were taken prisoner.


Walter Edward Traynor

Flight Sub-Lieutenant Walter Edward Traynor from 8 Naval Squadron was due to go on leave when one of his fellow pilots had a nervous breakdown and Walter volunteered to take his friend’s place. He was on patrol in Sopwith Pup (N5191) when he was shot down by Fritz Kosmahl, one of Germany’s first fighter aces. He crashed near the German lines and was apparently killed by German soldiers when he refused to surrender.

According to his family his cigarette case was taken by one of the soldiers and subsequently returned to them following that soldier’s capture.



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