1 February 1917 – 20 v 8


Charles Carbert

The weather cleared up today and aircraft were up in force.


Edward Daniel Spicer

6 aircraft from 20 Squadron RFC were on a photo reconnaissance mission when they ran into Jasta 8. Their FE2s were no match it seems for the German fighters as three of the six went down.

Vitzfeldwebel Walter Göttsch claimed two victories. First he shot down 2nd Lieutenant Edmund Daniell Spicer and Captain Charles Molyneaux Carbert MC in FE2d (A28). Both were killed. Soon after he shot down 2nd Lieutenant Walter Arthur Reeves and 2nd Lieutenant Francis Henry Bronskill in FE2d (A1951). They crashed behind the lines and were taken prisoner.

Finally, Captain John Kenneth Stead and 2nd Lieutenant Wilfred Thomas Jourdan were brought down by enemy fire – though its not clear where from. They got back to the safety of the lines but Stead later died of his wounds. Jourdan suffered minor injuries.

Captain Albert Peter Vincent Daly from 29 Squadron was on patrol when he was shot down in his DH2 (A2614) by rising star – Leutnant Werner Voss from Jasta 2. His engine was hit but he managed to land behind enemy lines with only minor injuries and was taken prisoner.


Percival Murray

Manfred von Richthofen also got in on the act during a fight between machines of 16 Squadron RFC and Jasta 11. He shot down Lieutenant Percival William Murray and Lieutenant T D McRae in their BE2d (6742). Both were taken prisoner but died of their wounds shortly after. Richthofen’s combat report stated:

“About 4 P. M., while flying with Lieutenant Allmenroder at an altitude of 5,000 feet, I spotted a B. E. two-seater artillery flyer. I managed to approach, apparently unnoticed, within 50 yards of him in my Halberstadter plane. From this distance up to only the length of a plane, I fired 150 shots. The enemy plane then went down in large, uncontrolled right-hand curves, pursued by Allmenroder and myself. The plane crashed to earth in the barbed wire of our first lines. The occupants were both wounded and were made prisoners by the infantry. It is impossible to remove the plane.”

Finally Flight Sub-Lieutenant George Leycester Elliott from 3 (Naval) Squadron was downed in Sopwith Pup (N6161). Both Karl Meyer from SFS1 and Josef Wirtz from MFJ I claimed victory, though Meyer was eventually credited. Elliot was taken prisoner.


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