30 January 1917 – 2 Squadron AFC arrive

2 Squadron Australian Flying Corps arrived in at Harlaxton in England today to begin their final training for service at the front.

The Squadron was formed on 20 September 1916 at the RFC training school in Kantara, Egypt from elements of 1 Squadron AFC and volunteers serving with local Australian forces there. Their commanding officer is Major Walter Oswald Watt.


Walter Oswald Watt

Watt was the first Australian to get a flying certificate back in 1911. At the outbreak of war he was in Paris working for the Blériot Company and immediately offered his service and his Blériot IX to the French. He joined the Aviation Militaire section of the Foreign Legion as a pilot. He transferred to 1 Squadron Australian Flying Corps in March 1916. Watt was appointed Co of 2 Squadron AFC on its formation in September 1916.

The Squadron joins 1 Squadron AFC (67 (Australian) Squadron RFC) serving in Egypt, 3 Squadron AFC (69 (Australian) Squadron RFC) currently training for the front in England and 4 Squadron AFC (70 (Australian) Squadron RFC) currently en route to England from Australia.

As with the other Australian squadrons, The RFC have dubbed them 68 (Australian) Squadron RFC – though again this title is not formally recognised by the Australians.


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