24 January 1917 – The carnage continues

After yesterday’s loss it was another tough day for 41 Squadron RFC. Just before midday, Sergeant Cecil S Tooms, shot down an Albatros Scout out of control east of Zonnebeke and about an hour later he claimed a Roland Scout. He did not live long enough to celebrate as at about 1550 he was shot down and killed in FE8 (6417). Vitzfeldwebel Alfred Ulmer from Jasta 8 made the claim.

His colleague Lieutenant A Denison was also shot down in FE8 6453. He was  wounded in forearm, but made a forced landing and survived.  He too had earlier claimed to have shot down a Roland Scout which crashed east of Ypres.


Charles Melville Buck

Ulmer then claimed another victory this time over Lieutenants Thomas Frederick Preston and Charles Melvill Buck from 53 Squadron RFC who were on a photographic mission in a BE2e (6308). The aircraft crashed near Warneton and both crew were killed.

A dogfight ensued between Jasta 11 and members of 25 Squadron RFC on a photography mission. Captain Oscar Greig and 2nd Lieutenant John Eric MacLennan in an FE2b (6997) were brought down behind enemy lines near Vimy and taken prisoner. Leutnant Manfred von Richthofen claimed the victory though it was probably more of a group effort. Their colleagues, 2nd Lieutenants William Drummond Matheson and Ernest George Green got a modicum of revenge when they shot down one of the attackers, an Albatros Scout. Later in the day, 2nd Lieutenants James Leith Leith and Alfred George Severs also from 25 Squadron claimed another Albatros Scout destroyed – Leith’s 3rd victory with three different observers.

Lieutenant Stanley Flamank Vincent from 60 Squadron RFC shot down an enemy two-seater out of control near Monchy.


Colin Roy Mackenzie

Captain Harry Alison Wood and 2nd Lieutenant Alfred Edwin McKay from 24 Squadron RFC forced down an Albatros C behind the lines. The crew,  Unteroffizier Max August Delklock and Leutnant Ernst Bury were taken prisoner.

8 Squadron RNAS got into a tangle with aircraft from  Jasta 1. Flight Commander Colin Roy Mackenzie DSO failed to return and was claimed shot down by Leutnant Hans von Keudell of Jasta 1 for his 11th victory. Mackenzie had been at Winchester College with Charles Melvill Buck.


Eric Gordon Waters

Sergeant Frederick Nicolas Slingsby from 6 Squadron RFC had a lucky escape when his pilot 2nd Lieutenant Eric Gordon Waters was shot dead during a dogfight. Luckily the BE2g (7175) he was flying had dual controls and he was able to land safely.


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