23 January 1917 – Back in Red

After the relative calm of the last few days, the weather improved over the Western Front and both sides were out in force.

2nd Lieutenant James Vernon Lyle and Acting Bombadier A Harrison from 45 Squadron were shot down in their Sopwith Strutter (A1078) were shot down near Dadizeele by Leutnant Konrad von Bülow-Bothkamp from Jasta 18 for his 5th victory. Lyle was killed and Harrison was taken prisoner.


The wreckage of A1078

Later von Bülow-Bothkamp claimed another victory as he and three other aircraft attacked 2nd Lieutenant Samuel Francis Cody (the only son of the pioneer aviator of the same name) from 41 Squadron in his FE8 (7613). The FE8 nosedived from 600 feet 2 miles north of Ypres. Cody was killed in the crash.


John Hay

2nd Lieutenant John Hay from 40 Squadron was also in an FE8 (6388) when he was attacked by a group of 5 enemy aircraft from Jasta 11. Manfred von Richthofen claimed this for his 17th victory and the first for Jasta 11. This is apparently the first time Von Richthofen used a red painted aircraft.

2nd Lieutenant Francis Reginald White from 10 Squadron died for injuries sustained yesterday when his BE2 (A2472) crashed into another BE2 (A2744) on landing.


One thought on “23 January 1917 – Back in Red

  1. Ian lyle

    Do you have the references and source information for the photograph of the wreckage of A1078? Also the source information for the German combat record for this crash dated 23 January 1917 killing 2nd Lt James Vernon Lyle and Acting Bombadier Harrison 45 Squadron.

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