22 January 1917 – Deep under snow

Cuthbert Gurney Hoare

Cuthbert Gurney Hoare

The decision in October 1916 to establish an aircraft factory and training squadrons in Canada is finally starting to take shape. It has been decided that the squadrons formed in Canada will be known as 78 to 97 (Canadian) Reserve Squadrons, and that a nucleus Flight for each squadron will be sent to Canada from England.

Today, a small party of officers, under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Cuthbert Gurney Hoare arrived in Toronto to start the new organization.

This is not great timing as is the middle of winter and the country is deep under snow. The ground wIll not be visible until the end of March and this will complicate the selection of suitable aerodrome sites.

Nevertheless, Borden Camp, fifty miles north-west of Toronto has been selected and  a contract was signed for clearing the ground and for the construction of additional buildings. Lieutenant-

Colonel Hoare cabled to England asking for two of the nucleus Flights to be sent at once, with three more to follow in the middle of February.


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