17 January 1917 – More Aussies


Leslie John Primrose

Today, 4 Squadron Australian Flying Corps, set sail for England from Melbourne on the HMS Omrah. The Squadron was formed at Point Cook (as were all Australian Squadrons at this time) in October 1916. The Squadron consists of:


George Henry Kindred (AWM P00824.006)

A Flight: 2nd Lieutenants Arthur Henry Cobby, Zavel Ephriam Freadman, Archie Francis Gerald Stafford, and Rupert Gill Wilcocks.

B Flight: 2nd Lieutenants Reginald George David Francis, Thomas Hewson, Norman Clyde Johnson, Oswald Joseph Jones, and William Lyttle King.

C Flight: 2nd Lieutenants Reginald George David Francis, Leslie Bilsbury Garson, William Valentine Herbert, Eric Benjamin Nelson, Leslie John Primrose and
Alexander MacKenzie Tyers.

The HQ Contingent consists of Captains Francis Ernest Carolan, Andrew Lang, Lieutenants Elias Adrian Phillips and Percival Francis Vere Turner and
2nd Lieutenants George Henry Kindred and Percival Alexander McBain.

Additional officers are 2nd Lieutenants Cecil Roy Burton, Norman Clark, Robert Leeuwin Clark, Malcolm Sheehan and Nigel Borland Weaver.

It would be a considerable time before the Squadron saw any action. They did not even arrive in England until
27 March and then spent 9 months in training and preparation at Castle Bromwich before reaching the front on 18 December 1917. At this time the Squadron was designated 71 (Australian) Squadron by the RFC although this was never officially recognised by the Squadron.


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