8 January 1916 – Allotments and Presentations

Perhaps the new Air Board has finally begun to have an impact on the allocation of resources between the RFC and the RNAS. Today the RFC was allotted 23 new aircraft, 3 FE2b’s and 20 BE2e’s. 7 of the BE2e’s were originally destined for the RNAS but have been diverted to the RFC.

All seven of these aircraft are also what is known as “presentation” aircraft in that they have been paid for by funds from a variety of sources around the empire, frequently local citizen groups or local governments. Today’s allocations included one from the Rhodesian Government (A3150), one from British Residents in Siam (A3151), one from the British West Indies (A3152) and four aircraft from His Highness the Maharaja of Bikanir (A3153-A3156). To date, various groups have paid for over 700 aircraft out of around 8000 allocated.


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