5 January 1917 – Death of an old contemptible

Harold Jameson

Harold Jameson

One of the RFCs long serving members was killed today. Captain Harold Jameson MC DCM and Lieutenant William Davidson Thomson from 6 Squadron were on artillery observation in their BE2e (7190) when they were shot down Vitzfeldwebel Walter Göttsch from Jasta 8 for his 3rd victory.

Jameson had flown to France on 10 August 1914 as a seventeen year old as an Air Mechanic/Wireless Operator.

He was soon awarded the Medaille Militare by the French for conspicuous bravery during operations between 21 August and 30 August 1914.

He was awarded the DCM in June 1915 for conspicuous coolness and gallantry on several occasions in connection with wireless work under fire.

He was commissioned as a pilot in November 1915 in the Royal Flying Corps. A year later he was awarded the Military Cross for conspicuous gallantry in action.

In contrast Thomson was a 28 year old Canadian working as a barrister when war broke out. He travelled to England in March 1916 with 53 Battalion. In June 1916 he joined Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. He transferred to the RFC in August 1916.


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