27 December 1916 – Chikadir Bridge

Yesterday the Ben-my-Chree left Port Said to rendezvous with the Raven II to carmy out A bombing raid on the Chikaldir bridge over the Jeiham

Four aircraft took off from from Ben-my-Chree, including a Short seaplane (Flt S/Lt Smith & Capt Wedgwood Benn) and three Schneider seaplanes (Cdr Samson, Flt Lt Clemson, Flt Lt Brooke), to bomb the bridge. in

The Short seaplane dropped one 65lb bomb on the bridge and two 16lb bombs on a train but none of the  three exploded and the aircraft then attacked the bridge defences. The Schneider seaplanes obtained one direct hit and two near misses on the bridge.

A second wave then attacked from Raven II, with two Short seaplanes (Flt Lt Burling & Lt Stewart, Flt S/Lt King & Lt Williams) and obtained a further hit on the bridge. Finally one Short seaplane (Flt Lt Maskell & Lt WL Samson) and two Schneider seaplanes (Flt Lt Clemson, Flt S/Lt Henderson) from Ben-my-Chree secured one more hit on the bridge and caused some damage to the embankment.


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