10 December 1916 – Stanley Valentine Trapp

Despite the changes in training and better aircraft coming on stream, the attrition rate of new pilots continues to be high.

Today, Flight Sub-Lieutenant Stanley Valentine Trapp from 8 Squadron RNAS crashed his Sopwith Pup (N5192) trying to pull out of dive on a test flight. The detailed inquests carried out in the case of accidents on Home soil were not conduicted here as the accident happened at the front.

Nevertheless, eyewitnesses report that the aircraft suffered a catastrophic structural failure at about 150 feet. The wings folded and the aircraft crashed into the ground. Trapp was killed instantly.

Back in England, 2nd Lieutenant Arthur Goulburn Brooke and 2nd 2Lt William Desmond Guthrie Lotan from 28 Squadron were both killed when their Henri Farman (A1187)  crashed at Gosport. At Tongue Sands near Margate, RNAS officers Flight Lieutenant John Douglas Hume, DSC And CPO Walter Edwin Bradley, DSM drowned when their Short 184 (9054) RNAS crashed into the sea.


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