30 November 1916 – Corps blimey

Earlier in the month, despite entreaties from Sir Henry Rawlinson and General Sir Henry Sinclair Horne, Sir Douglas Haig decided that Squadrons doing Corps work for the army (ie those carry out artillery spotting, contact patrols and local reconnaissance) would remain under RFC control and not be transferred to the control of the local Corps commanders.

Today, this stance was modified a little. GHQ issued instructions that squadrons attached to Corps are to take their orders directly from the Corps Commander for all work in relation to artillery, contact patrol and close reconnaissance and photography work in the Corps area.
RFC Brigade and Wing Commanders remain responsible for the management of their respective formations and for determining how best to carry out the Corps Orders. They also remain in charge of Army Squadrons who carry out the long range reconnaissance and air fighting roles.

Whilst this probably makes sense to ensure than the RFC can support the army’s requirements, it does create some tension between the RFC Commander and his Army counterparts on how best to use resources. Given that Hugh Trenchard main concern as Commnader is to support the army this should not cause too much bother.


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