29 November 1916 – “This is not wanted for war”

Alfred Thomas Osbourne Mann

Alfred Thomas Osbourne Mann

Back in March 1915, whilst in command of 3 Squadron RNAS at Tenedos, Charles Rumney Samson had issued Standing Orders to his pilots for the conduct of operation flying. Amongst these orders was:

“Don’t try to do what is termed by some people as ‘ Stunt Flying’. This is not wanted for war and is not conduct required of an officer.”

It seems that the new 3 Squadron RNAS now serving on the Western Front, having been reformed on 6 November 1916, has lost or forgotten those words. Today Temporary Flight Sub-Lieutenant Alfred Thomas Osborne Mann was killed in a flying accident. The report on the crash stated:

“The cause of accident was due to pilot endeavouring to loop the loop, after having done so once successfully, allowing machine to get into difficulties from which he was unable to extricate it.”

Mann was born in 1891 in Sydney, Australia, to James E Mann and Flora H A Mann. He had joined the RNAS on 6th November 1915.



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