26 November 1916 – Snowstorms

Winter weather swept the Western Front today, and snowstorms severely curtailed flying.
Some aircraft from 29 and 41 Squadrons got up nevertheless, but probably wish they hadn’t bothered.

Early this morning, 2nd Lieutenant William Bertram Clark got lost flying from 41 Squadron’s aerodrome at Abeele back to 29 Squadron’s base at Le Hameau. Clark had only joined the Squadron in late October and likely became disorientated by the poor weather. He ended up landing his DH2 (5947) behind enemy lines and was taken prisoner.

Later on the day, 2nd Lieutenant George Samuel Deane from 41 Squadron was forced down by heavy snowstorms and a lack of fuel. He has also only recently joined the Squadron on 7 November 1916. Unfortunately he landed behind enemy lines at Roulers. He attempted to burn his aircraft but failed and both he and his FE8 (6454) were captured. Deane is the first 41 Squadron pilot to be lost since their arrival at the front on 15 October 1916.


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